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Two Services on Sunday:
First Service @ 9:30am
Second Service @ 11:30am
(Time of Encounter)

Bible Study/ Miracle Service
7:30pm – 9:00pm

Friday Intercessory Prayer Meeting:
Spiritual Warfare/Intercessory
7:30pm – 8:30pm

Night of Signs and Wonders:
Last Friday of Every Month
10:30pm -3:30am

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Church Address:
Household of Faith for All Nations
2435 Dixie Avenue
Smyrna, GA 30080

Mailing Address:
P. O. Box 265
Austell, GA 30168

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Tel: 770-805-9100

The Presiding Bishop


Bishop Olawale Olaofe is the Presiding Bishop of the Household Of Faith For All Nations, a fast growing church in Atlanta, Georgia. He is a man anointed and called of God with an extraordinary Evangelistic grace and Apostolic calling.

A Muslim turned a preacher of the gospel with an unusual insight into the word of God. This uncommon anointing has distinguished him as one of the men of God for this End-time, with a profound understanding of praying, preaching and teaching the word of God with signs and wonders following.

You can reach him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  



While praying on May 3, 2002, the word of the Lord came expressly to His Servant Bishop Olawale Olaofe saying; “Come and join me in my harvest, for the harvest is plenteous but the laborers are few” based on the scripture Matthew 9:35-37. There and then, Bishop Olaofe, who was the Managing Director and owner of an oil company, hearkened to the call of God. Bishop Olaofe who was then serving on a part-time basis, as the Resident Pastor of a Church was later offered a full time pastoral office in July 2002. This was a confirmation of the call of God.

Bishop Olaofe is the author of the best selling book “Power Pictures”. He has also written several prayer and confession manuals and he has several other titles awaiting publication. Bishop Olawale Olaofe is happily married to his beautiful wife Reverend (Mrs.) Tinuola Olaofe, whom he calls “Queen”. She is by no means a lesser achiever, she is the co-pastor of the ministry. Bishop and Reverend (Mrs.) Olaofe are blessed with two dynamic children, a daughter Oreoluwa Deborah and a son Ifeoluwa David.

Bishop Olaofe is a National Diploma holder in Mechanical Engineering and also a qualified engineer with a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical). Bishop Olaofe a convert and student of the Holy Spirit, also attended various Bible School courses and Leadership Training. Bishop Olaofe is a man you would love to listen to when he speaks; he is such an amiable person you will like to meet personally. Someone once said, “he has such a terrific resurrection anointing, you can’t listen to him and remain the same” . Some who have been in his presence have said, “the unique aura of the Holy Spirit around him endeared those that are thirsty for the flow of the living water to get filled”.



The Co-Pastor

Reverend (Mrs.) Tinuola Olaofe, the Bishop’s wife and the co-pastor of the Household of faith for all nations, is an admirable woman of God, with so much grace in the area of relationships and parenting. She is naturally gifted to take care of children of all ages.

Reverend (Mrs.) Tinuola grew up in a Christian home. Her grandfather was a Baptist Reverend. This helped in molding her into a woman of great Christian virtue and character. From her early years, she believed that someday she would be in the ministry; especially because of a peculiar spiritual encounter she had as a child, coupled with the word of prophecy given to her by one of her Elder brother’s friend, a pastor who came visiting at their residence. He was led of God to pray and prophesy for her, and he revealed by the unction of the Holy Spirit, that she would someday be a minister of the gospel and she would also be married to a minister of the gospel. This has surely come to pass.

Beloved Reverend (Mrs.) Tinuola is a woman given to much prayer; based on her belief in the power of answered prayers. Her prayer life has endeared her to the word of God, enabling her to be a teacher and preacher of the word. Her love for the Lord and compassion toward others have been the catalyst of the healing gift of the Spirit, which is manifested in her ministry with diverse testimonies confirming this grace. Reverend (Mrs.) Tinuola Olaofe, a graduate of Library/Information Science with Sociology, together with her husband is blessed with two adorable children Deborah and David.

You can reach her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our Vision




The Household of Faith for All Nations was commissioned by God to save the lost, empower the saints, and make a difference based on the word of God (Gal. 6:10). Thereby fulfilling the purposes of a New Testament church, which includes: Worship, Fellowship, Discipleship, Service, Missions, and Evangelism.



  • The lost will find salvation
  • Lives will be transformed
  • Saints will be empowered, i.e. spiritually, physically, materially and mentally
  • Emotional and physical healings
  • Making a difference in every family, community, state and nation 

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